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Sep 10, 2019

Gaiman’s fantastic worlds are an absolute delight on audio, and listeners are especially lucky to get to experience this Newbery Award-winning middle grade fantasy in Gaiman’s own voice. Host Jo Reed and Editor Robin Whitten chat about why THE GRAVEYARD BOOK is an AudioFile Favorite. Fans of AMERICAN GODS or GOOD OMENS may not know about Gaiman’s children’s audiobooks.This story of an orphaned boy—“Bod,” short for Nobody—who is raised by ghosts in the local graveyard also features an array of mythological and supernatural characters. The storytelling is as good as it gets. There is a full-cast version of THE GRAVEYARD BOOK with Derek Jacobi and other well known actors, but Gaiman’s single-voice performance has an intimate warmth and conveys a certain safety for young listeners during the scarier parts of the story.

Published by HarperAudio.

The Graveyard Book

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