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Dec 4, 2019

What makes THE DEATH AND LIFE OF AIDA HERNANDEZ such a powerful listen? Narrator Frankie Corzo joins AudioFile publisher Michele Cobb to share her thoughts on Aaron Bobrow-Strain’s important work, one of AudioFile’s 2019 Best Audiobooks. This timely audiobook, which required special preparation, tells the harrowing story of Aida’s journey across the Mexico-U.S. border in 1987 and an up-close depiction of the obstacles that confront her. Published by Macmillan Audio.

Frankie Corzo

2019 Best Nonfiction & Culture Audiobooks:
TALKING TO STRANGERS by Malcolm Gladwell, read by Malcolm Gladwell
ON DEMOCRACY by E.B. White, Jon Meacham [Intro.], read by Arthur Morey
THE DEATH AND LIFE OF AIDA HERNANDEZ by Aaron Bobrow-Strain, read by Frankie Corzo
THE STONEWALL READER by The New York Public Library [Eds.], Edmund White [Fore.], read by a Full Cast
PASTA, PANE, VINO by Matt Goulding, read by Will Damron
THE SECRET WISDOM OF NATURE by Peter Wohlleben, Jane Billinghurst [Trans.], read by Sean Barrett

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